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Living History Sites will be exploring history in Georgia during the Spring, Summer and Fall of 2012, with several trips planned! We will be searching out the best historical spots, Civil War historical sites and battlefields, colonial history, plantation life and more in beautiful Georgia! From a slice of Appalachian mountain life to the sea - we will be bringing it to you!

Now looking for Review Sites in Georgia!

  • Do you have a family friendly restaurant in a historical town? One with a unique story, a bit of history attached?
  • Is your restaurant just have amazing food and you would love a review?
  • Are you the breakfast or brunch place in your area?
  • Are you a dessert shop, bakery, frozen custard, ice cream, yogurt shop?
  • When parents are looking for a great brew, do you have a coffee or tea shop for a quick parental getaway?
  • Would you like families to know about YOUR bed and breakfast, hotel, cabin or home by the sea?
  • Are you part of a historical town or city that is off the beaten track, but well worth a visit?
  • Are you one of the quintessential stops in history, famous, and would love to be a part of Living History Sites growing website?

Living History Sites is looking to review historical sites in Georgia this summer. We love presenting families with a total package, when you go to visit these sites in Atlanta, make sure you stay here, it is family friendly, with a safe and warm atmosphere, and a good bargain! The food is to die for here, and dessert cannnot be missed here. The best coffee can be found here. Brunch was fabulous, and you must try this place! This historical site actually matched the brochure and is a don't miss site!

If you answer those questions and are in Georgia, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your free review!