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Cupcake Corner ~ The Sisters McMullen ~ Asheville NC

On a crisp November day, we headed up to Asheville with the idea of tooling along the Blue Ridge Parkway and seeing the gorgeous fall colors. Partially cloudy in Tennessee, it was rainy, drab and completely overcast by the time we made it up to Asheville and headed to the Parkway.

Our dream of a beautiful autumn drive was over for that particular day, so we did what all smart people do, we headed into the incredible North Carolina Welcome Center (on I-26 as you head down into Asheville.) for a change of venue. They gave us some great suggestions of what to do in Asheville, on a rainy day that had turned frosty. We decided to make lemonade with our weather lemons and share with our readers how to make the best of it! 

First we needed lunch.

Glancing through Asheville Eats, I noticed an add for cupcakes. Cupcakes would make up for our Blue-Ridge-Parkway-free-day in a FLASH!!! Yes, a cupcake was needed. Headed to downtown, we found Cupcake Corner perched on the corner of Biltmore and Patton Avenue, and grabbed the first parking spot we came to. Heading back up to the Cupcake Corner, we were booking through the delights and charm of Asheville on a Saturday.

We popped into the Cupcake Corner (without running anyone off the sidewalk, I might add, in our haste!) and stepped into the smallest sliver of an eat in bakery we have ever seen! Windows fill one wall, a large cupcake and pastry counter is on the other. Patrons have to flex out of each others way to get around this tiny cupcakery!

We love seeing what the "Sisters" are up to. Something new and different is always going on in the Sister's kitchen at their North Asheville location. We have enjoyed watching the amazing creations that Andrea and Heather McMullen (affectionately known as "the Sisters McMullen") are cooking up!

The pastry case was filled with frosted cupcake confections of all kinds. Each day, finds a new treat, each season inspires new cupcake combinations heaped with real butter, sugar and the finest ingredients.  Boston Creme, Peanut Butter, Italian Wedding, Black Cherry, Raspberry Filled, Vanilla, Chocolate and their signature Red Velvet. Fall favorites included Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Chocolate, Spice and Scary Boston Creme. Mounds of frosting on gorgeously decorated cupcakes, how to decide?!

Other pastries and sugary bakery delights made the decision even tougher. Neat rows of fudgy frosted brownies, cream filled horns, black and white cookies, Whoopie Pies, and cookies on long platters. Huge chunks of cinnamony crumb cake and a luscious bread pudding square begged to be tasted, while flakey filled croissants called our name. Huge muffins lined the top rows, along with large swirled cinnamon rolls, quiche and more.

Hungry, we decided to try their sandwiches first, which were neatly lined up in rows in a refrigerated case by all of the windows. Can you imagine our restraint so far? We each chose a sandwich and dug in. 

The Cupcake Corner is a great option for families to grab a bit to eat at very reasonable prices! Emily opted for a simple Egg Salad Sandwich on whole wheat bread ($3.25).  I got the Turkey Apple with Honey Walnut Cream Cheese on a flaky croissant which was utterly delicious for only $4.50! I loved every bite, but had traded Dave halfs, so only got one! Dave chose the Chicken Salad for $4.25. All of the sandwiches were delicious and at great prices and already packed in to-go containers, ideal to grab for a picnic at the Botanical Gardens or along the Blue Ridge Parkway!

Then, it was time for the REAL reason we were at Sisters McMullen's Cupcake Corner, the cuppycakes! But we had to decide from a bakery case full of luscious cupcakes, all with the a price of $2.25. We wanted them all. Now. Eating had let us stall on making a choice, the pressure was on!

A peanut butter fanatic, Dave opted for the Peanut Butter Cupcake. He snarfed down the peanut butter cupcake, with sweet, sticky peanut butter frosting. Good, but very sweet he proclaimed it, and polished off the salty peanut in a shell that decorated the top.

With great anticipation, Emily chose a Vanilla Cupcake. She inhaled the confection, savoring the simplicity of vanilla infused throughout the cupcake. She savored the frosting, slowly licking it off, like kids like to do, yet managing to make the cupcake disappear in an instant.

Seeing a Boston Creme cupcake, I knew I had to try it. I remain obsessed with anything Boston Creme! A soft vanilla cupcake, filled with creamy Boston Creme filling that oozed out with each bite. It was glazed with a rich chocolate ganache on top and decorated with a "scary face" for Halloween. It was utterly delicious, and I immediately wanted another one!

They serve all sorts of freshly brewed coffees, espressos, and cappuccinos to wash the muffins, cupcakes and pastries down, along with other drink choices.

For less than $5, you can have a superb snack at the Cupcake Corner. 

We all declared the Cupcake Corner in downtown Asheville a raging success. We manage to slip in, every time we go downtown. We are so bad, that I will pop out of the car, and have my hubby drive around the block once or twice, and run out and pop back in with our goodies. Saves finding a parking spot downtown!

LivingHistorySites.com highly recommends the Cupcake Corner in funky downtown Asheville.This sliver of a bakery is a delight to visit...and even more delightful to eat their cupcakes!

Cupcake Corner ~ The Sisters McMullen ~ Asheville NC

1 N Pack Sq
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 252-9454

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