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North Carolina

Early Girl Eatery ~ Asheville NC

Coming from California, where each state is at least 4 hours away, I never get tired of popping in the car and heading over the Blue Ridge Mountains for breakfast in Asheville, or a day trip! It never ceases to amaze me how CLOSE we are to everything here in beautiful NE Tennessee!

When we visited the Botanical Gardens at Asheville a few weeks ago, we had purchased some items out of their fantastic gift shop full of gardening supplies, books and tools. I had bought a single ticket for a gardeners tote full of goodies. Low and behold, my name was chosen, so we scooted up to Asheville to claim my delicious prize.

After a bit of research, we decided to try a different restaurant for breakfast in Asheville, and settled on the Early Girl Eatery in the bustling downtown area. Across the street from The Grove, a local hotspot, on a sort of a curvy alley with cobbled brick pathways on Wall Street, we found the farm-to-table Early Girl Eatery.

We walked in to an eclectic, bright, downtown Asheville restaurant that is heavy on local foods with a Southern twist.  As we walked down a hallway to the dining area, we passed a low wall topped with delicious pies, cakes and goodies, all baked from scratch. A busy kitchen hummed beyond the wall and we saw glimpses of locally grown veggies being folded into omelets and more. Turning the corner, yellow walls glowed in the mid morning spring sun. Massive black chalk boards proudly proclaimed the eclectic specials of the day. Tall windows lined one wall, happily decked out with cafe curtains and hanging plants. Paper lined the tables and buckets of crayons are given to families, to keep the doodlers (and the kids) happy!

We sat down and glanced out the window into a pretty street with trees and people going past on bicycles, a lazy sunshiney morning after a week of rain. Perusing the menu and the daily specials on the chalkboard, I bravely ordered the Local Sausage and Sweet Potato Scramble. Dave ordered one of the ever changing daily specials, the Local Hormone-free Chorizo Omelet. Handmade artisan pottery adorned the tables with carafes of raw sugar and large pottery jars full of sweet raspberry jam. 

We sat back and enjoyed the sunny restaurant, waiting for our breakfast, planning what we would do that day, and people watching. Engaging in our favorite LivingHistorySites hobby of scanning dinner tables and seeing what everyone else was eating, and what looked good for next time! I borrowed a pen and began doodling on the tablecloth, drawing cocker spaniels and funny things.

Our waitress brought out two huge platters of breakfast and plopped them down in front of us. My Local Sausage and Sweet Potato Scramble was gorgeous, completely unlike what I had imagined. Chunks of fresh, slightly firm sweet potato were mixed into a huge platter of farm fresh scrambled eggs. Chunks of tasty local sausage were swirled in along with shiitake mushrooms, bacon and green onions, a large biscuit perched on the side. I was not sure what to expect, sweet potatoes and eggs? Weird. But it was absolutely mouthwateringly fantastic! I loved it. The sweet potato blended perfectly with eggs, balanced by the shiitake mushrooms, sausage and bacon cutting interspersing flavors. Each bite was spectacular! 

Dave dug into his Local Hormone-free Chorizo Omelet, which was stuffed full of thick hunks of locally raised chorizo sausage, thick farmstead cheese, peppers and onions. If you have never had chorizo, it is a spicy Spanish or Mexican sausage, bursting with intense flavor. Chorizo was popular back home, but much more rare in the "country cooking" of the mountain south! Dave's omelet was fantastic, each bite an explosion of flavor, texture and style, the farmstead cheese playing against the chorizo.  Even better, we knew the ingredients were top notch, fresh, healthy and locally grown and raised without nasty chemicals and hormones. Crispy sauteed home fries and a biscuit evened out his meal.

We split the plate of grits and enjoyed them with butter. We are becoming more Southern by the moment, actually ordering a SIDE of grits to go with breakfast! 

We left the Early Girl Eatery fully satisfied, with a great breakfast knowing we had eaten real, fresh, whole food. It did not weigh us down, but powered us through the day!

The Early Girl Eatery is in downtown Asheville, and near the Botanical Garden, Civil War Battle of Asheville, Asheville Art Museum, Colburn Earth Science Museum, The Grove Arcade, and the Momentum Health Adventure Museum.

LivingHistorySites.com highly recommends trying the Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville! Near so many Asheville spots, you can breakfast then head out for a day of history! Tell them the folks at LivingHistorySites.com sent you.

Early Girl Eatery ~ Downtown Asheville NC

8 Wall Street
Asheville NC, 28801
(828) 259-9292 

Monday 7:30am-3:00pm


Saturday and Sunday9:00am-9:00pm

Breakfast served all day. Soups, salads, sandwiches and meat and two available from 11:00am on


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