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The pizza bug hit us hard one night, and we were on a quest to find the best pizza in the Tri-Cities Tennessee area! We had heard great things about Johnny Brusco's, so headed over to Kingsport to try it. We were not disappointed ~ Johnny's Pizza in Kingsport hit the spot! Be sure to check their website for money saving coupons.

We were greeted by a friendly server and promptly seated. The restaurant was big and clean, quite open, with sort of a sportsy atmosphere. TV's had several different sports playing, but they were all low, so conversation could be heard easily. All in all, the atmosphere was friendly and the staff was very helpful. It reminded me so much of a pizza parlor back home that we all hung out at after the football games.

A sign at the door told us that appetizers were half price that night. Our friendly waiter, Bill, explained each of them to us. He recommended the Garlic Bread with Cheese. I was obsessing over Johnny's Bruschetta, so we ordered that.  It was phenomenal, crispy toasted bread, with a tangy pesto sauce. I had never had pesto sauce on bruschetta and it was delicious. Johnny's adds diced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese for toppings. A side of marinara to dip it in and you have got a wonderful appetizer, especially for only $3.99.

Despite the fact that we are on an extremely low-carb eating plan (uh-hum) we wanted pizza, so we went all out! Johnny's offers every kind, with almost 20 specialty pizzas, authentic NY style pizza, which can be topped in combinations of regular and specialty toppings. We chose a half and half pizza. Half Meat Deluxe with Canadian bacon, sausage, pepperoni, beef and bacon. The other half was Hawaiian Luau, with Canadian bacon and pineapple. Pizzas start at $11.95 for a large cheese and go up to $23.25, with most less than $20.

When the pizza came out it was HUGE! Absolutely gigantic, taking half the table. We dug right in and you could see that it was overflowing with real cheese, melting and pulling as we pulled each piece out. That is always a good sign! Real cheese seems to be more and more rare, as we move to processed, slapped together pizzas that taste like cardboard. Johnny's pizza was phenomenal! Each bit was filled with flavor, hot, delicious and oh so cheesey.  They are really generous with their toppings, both of our halves were loaded. This pizza was so good you didn't need to douse it with parmesian and crushed red pepper to get flavor.

LivingHistorySites.com highly recommends Johnny Brusco's! If you are exploring history in theTri-Cities Tennessee area, try Johnny's. Also a great option for Race weekends at the Bristol Motor Speedway.

We had the pleasure of speaking to owner Chuck Richani, who gave us a little of Johnny's history.There is nothing like a restauranteer that is proud of his place and loves to share with you what makes their food so special. All the sauces are med fresh daily, with no preservatives and no MSG. The tomatoes come from Stanislaus CA, and are picked fresh and canned within 4 hours. Each large pizza comes with over a pound of real cheese. Serving a quality salad is important, so they cut and prepare all of the vegetables fresh, for each shift. We would like to thank Chuck for the great meal!

Johnny Brusco's is also famous for the calzones and stromboli, so be sure to try one of those. We may swing over to their Johnson City store and review those for LivingHistorySites.com later!

Johnny's also has a kids menu with spaghetti, ravioli and meatball combinations.You can try Italian dinners from lasagna and chicken parmigiana. There are even two low carb meals, the Bronx Bomber and the Manhattan Garden. There are salads to try along with subs. They even have a selection of low carb wraps.

Johnny Bruscos New York Style Pizza

1700 N. Eastman Rd

Kingsport, TN 37660


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