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While exploring the historic city of Greeneville, TN, we of course inquired into where we might be able to find cupcakes. Yes. Girls on a mission - FIND THE CUPCAKES IN THE HISTORICAL CITY. Report all cupcake findings on LivingHistorySites.com for our readers.

Susan, the fabulously informative park ranger (is that what you call folks who work at govt sites) at the Andrew Johnson Visitor's Center, was all to happy to tell us about Peggy Ann's Bakery. She even drew us a detailed treasure map!

A few red lights, and a quick turn at the Shell station found us on Snapps Ferry Road. We spotted a signboard with removable letters, that looked like it said Peggy Ann Bakery. Pulling into a parking light, we looked up to a bustling parking lot and a big metal building. Was this it? We took a picture, still unsure, and scrambled out of the car. We opened the door and saw the largest bakery we have seen in some time! Cupcake mission accomplished!

Our eyes began to glaze over with delight, looking at all of the gorgeous Spring and Easter creations lining the glassed in cases. Cookies, pastries, doughnuts, fritters, candy, brownies, cupcakes, petit fours....of all kinds joined pies, cream pies, fruit pies, cakes and cupcake creations. Tables laden with salt risin bread, butterflake rolls, sourdough bread and other delights. How would we ever decide?

We introduced ourselves and talked to Mrs. Peggy Ann herself! We chatted with Peggy for quite awhile, asking her all sorts of questions about her bakery, what they specialized in, and she was too happy to share. She married into a baking family and has been baking for 60 years! Her son was born into it and she told us funny stories about how he used to fall asleep on the sugar sacks, enormous 100 lb sacks that made the perfect bed for a little boy. He went on to major in baking and milling at Kansas State, coming home to run the bakery.

Curious, we asked Mrs. Peggy Ann what her favorite item is! She said the "eclair is her favorite, but she doesn't like the chocolate on top, just plain." She also has hot corn bread every day and is partial to the hot breads they bake and serve fresh on the premises each day.

Monday through Friday, from 11-2, they serve a hot lunch, with several meat choices, and about 10 veggies and salads. They serve their own freshly baked hot rolls in the hot bar. All food is prepared there at the restaurant.

Three generations of the Arrowood family now work at Peggy Ann Bakery, with John and his wife Imogene running the place, and both of their daughters being a part of it as well. Their daughter Stacy is the cupcake queen, coming up with all sorts of innovative cupcake flavors.

This bakery is famous in these parts! Tusculum College has featured the bakery as an example of how to run a business for the long term, putting out a good product at a low cost. They have been featured in Fred Sauceman's book "The Place Setting: Timeless Tastes of the Mountain South" a food journey about Southern Appalachia, and now immortalized in a travel review at LivingHistorySites.com. And the Greeneville Football team has had their game night dinners there for the past decade or so. The Arrowood family is an integral part of Greeneville, serving the churches, schools and community.

Peggy Ann Bakery specializes in a full line of baked goods, which is immediately evident by walking in and salivating at the counter! The day we visited a full scale Easter production was going on, with folks making bunnies, cakes, eggs, and more cakes, decorating as quick as could be. They also make specialty, wedding and birthday cakes. Since cupcakes are the rage, they are supplying Greeneville and the Tri-Cities area all the way down to Knoxville with cupcake creations of all kinds.

Glazed Egg Petit Four ~ Emily describes this pretty little treat as a yummy vanilla cake, with a sweet translucent glaze, with pretty flowers on top.

Peanut Carmel Turtle candies, a new treat at Peggy Ann's this week! Buttery caramel, wrapped around peanuts, dipped in chocolate - YUM! I love pecan turtles and the twist was peanuts!

Wedding Cookies ~ Delicious butter cookies with chopped pecans, baked and rolled in powdered sugar, this simple cookies are perfect! Haven't had a true wedding cookie since leaving home 5 years ago!

Novak ~ that delicious classic candy looking cookie that has oats, mixed with peanut butter and chocolate. Simple and delicious and a great bargain!

Turtle Brownie ~ the best selling brownies at Peggy Ann's Bakery are either the Turtle Brownie or the PB Chew. The turtle brownie has all of teh classic turtle goodness, fudgy brownies with a creamy caramel glaze, drizzled with chocolate. Excellent! Not to be outdone, the Peanut Butter Chew has a slightly crunchy, sweet, butterfingery taste on the bottom, topped with a chocolate glazed frosting. Yummy!

Boston Cream or Caramel Cream Filled Donuts ~ these monstrosities are HUGE! The Boston Cream is a gigantic doughnut filled with a simple and delicious cream, glazed with chocolate, reminding me of the heavenly taste of an eclair I used to get on Hermosa Beach in the 80's, sipping a cappuccinno and staring out at the Pacific Ocean. One bite took me back to that breezy beach and college days! The Caramel Cream has the same doughnut, filled with white icing and topped with caramel, a bit TOO sweet for me these days.

By the time we left, we were ready to join the family! Everyone at Peggy Ann's was as nice as could be. As customers came and went, it was obvious that they are a huge part of the community. They have grown along with the community, from making children's birthday cakes, to making their wedding cake, then their own children's cakes.

It is the perfect snapshot of the hospitality, hardworking spirit and kindness and generosity of the people that make Northeast Tennessee the friendliest place on earth!

LivingHistorySites.com highly recommends stopping by the Peggy Ann Bakery when you are exploring history in Greeneville, TN!

Peggy Ann Bakery

934 Snapps Ferry Rd.

Greenville, TN37745


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