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Chipotle Mexican Grill, Charlottesville VA

Chipotle Charlottesville

After winding your way through the Blue Ridge Parkway, stop in the charming college town of Charlottesville, home of Thomas Jefferson’s beautiful Monticello and University of Virginia, Monroe’s Ash-Lawn and more. Cruise through the upbeat downtown, to the Chipotle near UVA.

We stopped in Charlottesville on our way to the HEAV convention with ten folks from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, including Jane Bullivant, international author and speaker, from England. It is a bit of a dodgy thing to expose an Englishwoman to Mexican food, Chipotle style! After a long day on the road, and MONTHS of hearing us Baughns go on about Chipotle, the test was on - would the Suarez family LIKE Chipotle? Would Charlottesville deliver? Our crowd of happy folks from TOS, trekked in out of a horrific severe weather storm (a tornado hit just up the road) wiped out and starved. We faced a long line of college students that reminded us distinctly of Disneyland. I was a little worried, it had to be good or our friends might just strangle me!

Charlottesville Chipotle delivered all the way! Super friendly service, employees ready to answer questions, serve, a fun atmosphere, and fresh, delicious food, perfectly spiced! Charlottesville is the first Chipotle on the Eastern side of the US we have visited that has been passionate about delivering the funky fun Chipotle experience, from food to customer care!

Craving my favorite from back home, I got the barbacoa hard shell tacos, with corn salsa, cheese and extra, extra lettuce. Their barbacoa is spiced perfectly; tender, succulent shredded beef – if you haven’t tried barbacoa – do take the plunge and try it once in the tacos! I end up with a bowl full of lettuce at the end of the tacos, which is why I ask for extra lettuce. A squeeze of lime, a dollop of extra salsa and sometimes a flash of the salt shaker and you have a salad. I try to get 3 servings of vegetables out of the tacos, and this little combination helps me get my veggies in for the day. I could have eaten 3 more tacos if I had room! A complete and total 10!

Jane the mighty “Little Englishwoman” is low carbing, so had the Chipotle salad bowl with romaine lettuce, chicken, mild tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream. It is so much fun to take folks from other countries and introduce American (um…well…it is a Mexican Grill) food to them and see their reaction. Jane loved it and stayed within her super low carb diet!

The rest of the gang scarfed down big fat burritos of every kind, steak, chicken, barbacoa. We tried everything but the pork. Then entire TOS crew loved the Charlottesville Chipotle, rating it top notch! Ten thumbs up! Whew, saved by an excellent Chipotle! After months of telling EVERYONE, building Chipotle up....Charlottesville delivered! The TOS crew wants to come back (and found the Richmond Chipotle on Broad Street) so there are additional Chipotle reviews!

While talking to the dynamic manager on duty, she said her store has been leading the way in buying fresh and local food. They have partnered with Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, who is nearby in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, ordering Joel’s fresh pork rather than trucking it across the world. YEAHferChipotle for pioneering the way in antibiotic free, hormone free, local food!

LivingHistorySites.com highly recommend this Chipotle and would love one of our own in NE Tennessee!

Chipotle - Barracks Road
953 Emmet Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903
434-872-0212 (phone)
434-872-0217 (fax)

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