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Krispy Kreme Doughnuts ~ Richmond, VA

Krispy Kreme Donuts

A big thanks to John C. Maxwell, the prolific leadership author, for spilling the beans at this years Maximum Impact event on how to know when the South’s iconic Krispy Kreme Doughnuts are rolling off the assembly line hot. There is a big, round, neon sign that says HOT doughnuts NOW!

Pretty hard?

We thought it was hit or miss and had never paid attention to the sign on the front of the building!

So, when you see the big round sign that says DONUTS HOT NOW, the donuts are hot now! Thanks John. We could have abstained, had you not explained that to us!

While exploring history in the South with your family, there is no more iconic place to have donuts than Krispy Kreme, which is definitely some fried, sugared, glazed American donut history! (Donut History 101!) What kid can resist fun food on a history vacation, especially a LivingHistorySites.com inspired one?

Richmond’s Broad Street Krispy Kreme could not be passed on this historic tour! You have got to get your kids hot donuts, at least once in their lives! When you enter Krispy Kreme, you will see face a machine extruding donut dough, and see the round blobs moving up and down a machine, proofing the dough and getting bigger. This spits them into the hot oil for a fry on one side, then a flip. Gigantic windows allow your kids to see the whole fascinating process of donut delight, like a canoeing side trip! After paddling down the river of hot oil, the donuts are flipped up through a torrential downpour of sweet, sticky glaze. The assembly line rolls them toward the finish line, where workers pluck them up as fast as they make them, into boxes for patrons hungry for the donuts.

So what does a hot Krispy Kreme taste like in Richmond? From the moment you pick up the warm donut, you know this is going to be different. Slightly squishy, they smell great as you pick them up, the glaze sticking to your fingers. From the first bite, they literally melt in your mouth and it is so easy to polish them off. We got a dozen, allegedly to have two apiece and take the rest to the TOS crew at the hotel. No such luck. We sat in downtown Richmond, late at night, with the HOT NOW sign blinking, shoving donuts in our mouths!

Hot Krispy Kreme donuts rate a 10 and must be tried at least once in a Southern vacation!

I did pick up a bit of coffee for our Englishwoman Jane Bullivant to take back to England after her whirlwind tour of the South! So….we didn’t totally stiff the TOS crew!

Richmond Krispy Kreme
4910 West Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: 804-355-9111

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