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Retro’s Good Eats - Frozen Custard in Colonial Williamsburg

Retro’s Good Eats - Frozen Custard in Colonial Williamsburg

Rounding a street corner in Colonial Williamsburg, a sign beckoned from the side of a lovely brick building, Frozen Custard! Could it be? Frozen custard this side of the Mississippi while out exploring history with the family? Oh what a wonderful day this would be!

If you have not tried frozen custard, you absolutely MUST share this fabulous treat with your children! No child should grow up in America without trying it at least once! What a delicious treat after a long day of perusing living history sites in hot, steamy, coastal Virginia!

While I sputtered on about how fabulous it is, our English friend Jane was with us and thought we were nuts – “What is frozen custard” she wanted to know with the and why would I want it? Since Jane is low-carbing, and has lost two stone in two months (a stone is 14 lbs, haven’t you always wondered that?) she wasn’t about to eat any carbs or sweets unless they were absolutely worth it! She got a small frozen custard and savored each bite, very slowly. It was good, because instead of gobbling, we ate slowly too, savoring the rich, creamy, deliciousness of Retro’s frozen confection!

So let’s answer Jane’s and your question – what IS frozen custard? It is the most delicious, creamy, ice cream like concoction, full of eggs, cream and absolutely luscious. Retro’s makes their custard fresh daily, so it will always taste spectacular. Custard comes out of what looks like a soft serve machine, only very little air is pumped in, which results in a velvety smooth frozen custard that is smoother, denser and more intense than premium ice cream. The vanilla was good, although a little ice-y, the swirl better, but the chocolate is absolutely sublime. We highly recommend the chocolate – it has the perfect custardy texture of Shakes (our favorite custard place from the Midwest!)

Trouping into Retro’s Good Eats is like turning a page back into 1950’s with retro chrome, stools and tables and retro menu to boot! If you love 50’s diners, Retro’s will not disappoint! FABULOUS prices, hot dogs from $2.15 and up, burgers from $3.75 and grilled cheese sandwiches start at $2.15 with BBQ sandwich topping out at $4.25. Fries are extra and HUGE! Huge platters come out – the food is plentiful and fun!

Be sure and tell them the folks from LivingHistorySites.com sent you and get a frozen custard!

Retro’s Good Eats

435 Prince George Street

Williamsburg, VA 23185


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