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Mosbys Restaurant ~ Wise VA

While gallivanting through the history of Southwest Virginia, we found Mosby's Restaurant in Wise.

Dedicated to the memory of Civil War Colonel John Singleton Mosby, one of Jeb Stuart's scouts, known as the Gray Ghost for eluding Union troops, this restaurant is like walking into a Civil War museum. Issues of Camp Chase Gazette, the Civil War magazine for reenactors and history buffs, greet you in the lobby, along with glass cases filled with artifacts. Colonel John Singleton Mosby

The Civil War theme is carried out through the whole restaurant. Flags hang from the walls and throughout the place. Photos, drawings, and copies of photos and other Civil War memorabilia adorn all of the walls and space of the restaurant. If you are a crazy reenactor like we are, you kind of wanted to push the other patrons out of the way, and see what photos were in their space! But we refrained.

We had planned on getting the buffet before we drove up. Unfortunately, we were in a huge rush to get to our appointment with the Coal Museum down in Big Stone Gap. Despite that, Mosby's was great and got us in and out in half an hour.

Our waitress started us with

Mosby's signature huge fluffy rolls. Oh! My! They were slightly sweet and very good and completely NOT on my diet. But those few bites I took were awesome! Emily loved the rolls and ate hers heartily.

The salad bar had a pretty good selection and we were able to make salads with a combination of romaine, spring and iceberg lettuce, adding cucumbers, eggs, tomatoes, and cheese. There was quite a variety of different things, enough to make a good low carb salad.

On the buffet side, there was much to chose from. Emily tried catfish (first time in her life!), egg rolls, baked potatoes, pizza, sweet and sour beef with vegetables, and several helpings of fried rice. The lunch buffet was $8.50 and had quite a selection.

I ordered the Lunch Petite Prime Rib, a 6 oz portion, and ordered a baked sweet potato to go with it for $8.99. The prime rib arrived very fast, with au jus and a side of horseradish. I took a quick photo and dug in. Even though I ordered it medium well, it was excellent, full of flavor and quite juicy. The baked sweet potato was out of this world - it was cooked to perfection and arrived in a pretty gold foil wrap. Overall, my meal was very good. Clean, simple, good food.

Emily, being the dutiful child of LivingHistorySites.com parents, had the horrible task of getting one of each dessert off the dessert bar. She brought back Nana Puddin, or is that Banana Pudding, either way it is a Southern favorite that we just don't quite get. Sorry, our CA roots are showing! We also sampled the tangy lemon cake and a chocolatey brownie. We were both stuffed by that point, and late, so unfortunately we had to go.

We talked to Phillip Prince, the Owner and General Manager of Mosby's for a few minutes about the restaurant and then left. We would like to thank him for taking care of our bill, we thoroughly appreciate it.

All in all, Mosby's Restaurant is a unique, Civil War themed restaurant well worth a visit when you are exploring the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia.. About 15 minutes from the Southwest Virginia Museum Historical State Park and The Harry W. Meador Jr. Coal Museum in Big Stone Gap. Located along The Crooked Road, Virginia's Heritage Music Trail.

Just don't forget to grab your issue of the Camp Chase Gazette!

Mosby's Restaurant

251 Ridgeview Center

Wise, VA 24293


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